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EM0240 - Surtron 160 W mono/bipolar electrical scalpel

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Price: € 786,50


Qualitative and functional description


SURTRON 80 D is an electronic radio-frequency electrical scalpel suitable for monopolar minor surgeries.



Structural description


SURTRON, by selecting operative functions, allows to execute a pure CUT, BLEND clotted-cut, COAG FORCED shallow coagulation, COAG SOFT deep coagulation free of carbonization, and, with a special adapter, BIPOLAR coagulation.

Digital reading of emitted power and overseeing operative functions through microcontroller ensures absolute reliability of working conditions. SUTRON 80 D makes for highly professional surgery thanks to the ergonomic and safety solutions adopted.

The connection of the neutral electrode is constantly monitored and, if a forked neutral electrode is used, so is the neutral electrode/patient contact.

The option of commuting functions and controlling the power emission through the electrode-carrying bundle allows to execute surgical operations without diverting attention from the operating field.

Can be used in minimally inasive surgery

Bipolar pliers can be used.

Forked neutral electrodes can be used.

Working conditions programming

Latest employed settings memorization

Power actiation by pedal and/or bundle

Digital control and indicator of power

Indicator luminous intensity adjustment

Acoustic emission intensity adjustment


Weight: 5 kg

Maximum cutting-power: CUT 160 400 Ω



Dimensional data


Dimensions: (WxDxH): 254 x 104 x 288 mm


Made in: Italy

Warranty: 2 years

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